How to use the new Google Reader

I've been using Google Reader for a while now to aggregate the blogs I read daily. I also purchased Reeder, a desktop client for Google Reader, because it is a much more aesthetically pleasing way to read these blogs.

Today however, Google Reader released an updated interface for the web application to match it's other new designs. If you are interested in trying Google Reader out, now is a good time! I've made a tutorial explaining the basics of how to subscribe and organize your feeds online.


Why Teachers Should Give Prezi a Try

Prezi is an example of modern presentation software. Prezi removes the linear confines of a typical powerpoint. The unexpected twists and turns make it perfect for classroom use. To really "get" Prezi, you have to see one in action.


Teacher 2.0

A short presentation on web 2.0 in the classroom.  This is meant to be an introduction to 5 tools that teachers can use in the classroom.  From here, I will create 5 sessions where we would take an in depth look at these 5 tech tools specifically in the classroom.

Here are clickable links from the last slide:


50 Gigs for 50 Days

Definitely check out this promotion from box.net. Until December 2, Box is giving away 50 gigs of free cloud storage for anyone who downloads their app on an iPhone or iPad. In less than 5 minutes I was able to download the app, create my account, and receive 50 gigs of space!

Once you create your account and receive the free upgrade the storage works with any device you connect with, including your PC. You can store any types of files, including pictures and video. I definitely recommend taking advantage of this great deal. Thanks you lifehacker for always keeping me in the know.  


Internet Safety & Your Kids

In my humble opinion, schools can only do so much to educate students about Internet Safety. Parents need to do their part in researching and speaking with their children about the dangers of the Internet.  Here is a short collection of links to help parents become better informed.


Organizing Your Bookmark Bar

Check out this tutorial I made showing how you can organize your bookmarks bar and free up valuable screen real estate.  I am using Google Chrome in the tutorial, but it should work for any browser you prefer.



Coarkboard.me is another way to use a collaborative web space in your classroom.  It does not require a log-in, and is a fairly basic coarkboard system.  Students can create stickies of various colors that can be resized easily.  It also allows you to post pictures to the board by copying and pasting the image URL into a sticky note.  This will turn the sticky note into a polaroid snapshot of the image.

Here is a tutorial on the basics of using coarkboard.me in the classroom

And an example coarkboard