Coarkboard.me is another way to use a collaborative web space in your classroom.  It does not require a log-in, and is a fairly basic coarkboard system.  Students can create stickies of various colors that can be resized easily.  It also allows you to post pictures to the board by copying and pasting the image URL into a sticky note.  This will turn the sticky note into a polaroid snapshot of the image.

Here is a tutorial on the basics of using coarkboard.me in the classroom

And an example coarkboard


  1. Super cool!! I must try this out. I was just thinking about this site the other day: CorkDump

    It's for developer links, but hasn't been active for some time. Does it support urls or have web page functionality? I may be thinking beyond what it does. Still super neat though!

  2. Oh I re-watched the rest of the video. Some of my questions were answered. This is super cool! :)

  3. Thanks! Most of this stuff is projects I've made for various classes in my masters of Ed Tech program.

  4. Sorry I made the first comment without watching thee entire video first. I have slow DSL, as I live in the country and am at the end of the line.

    It's definitely a very nice app. Thanks so much for sharing!