Coarkboard.me is another way to use a collaborative web space in your classroom.  It does not require a log-in, and is a fairly basic coarkboard system.  Students can create stickies of various colors that can be resized easily.  It also allows you to post pictures to the board by copying and pasting the image URL into a sticky note.  This will turn the sticky note into a polaroid snapshot of the image.

Here is a tutorial on the basics of using coarkboard.me in the classroom

And an example coarkboard


Wallwisher.com is a great way to have students work together in a collaborative environment.  It does require a log-in, but you can use your Google or Open ID as well as creating an account.  There are options that allow comments to be moderated and the owner has control over placement of the comments.  Wallwisher's can be embedded into a blogpost as well!

Here is a tutorial I created for students to use wallwisher.com to post a collaborative question. 

And the example wallwisher I created


280 Slides

Looking for free presentation or slideshow creation software to use in your classroom?  280slides.com offers a very clean and simple web application for creating and sharing slideshows.  Powerpoint users will notice the similarities although 280 Slides is a much simpler version made for web use.  Simplicity is usually an advantage when we are talking about classroom use.

Unfortunately, you do need to create an account to save and embed slideshows.  The good news is that it is very easy to create an account.  Enter an email and password and you are done! No verification emails or additional information is needed.

I've created 2 tutorials on how to use 280 Slides and embed them into your blog and also attached an example presentation.

Part 1:

Part 2:




Here is a tutorial on how to create Storybird stories from the Storybird website. 

And a tutorial I created for students on how to embed a Storybird into their blog.

Here is my example storybird.

The Story of Ten on Storybird


A tutorial I created on how students can use stripgenerator.com in the classroom.

And a second tutorial on how to embed the comic into a blog.

And here is the example comic.

Hello World by anonymous


Photovisi Tutorial

In looking for a video tutorial for Photovisi to upload to the global learning project I'm in the design stages of [more info to come!] I couldn't find any that I liked.  So, I made my own. 


Photo Collage Maker

On the search for a classroom appropriate photo collage maker, I found Photovisi.com.  There are quite a few free collage/mosaic templates that you can use without creating an account.  The locked templates only require you to create a free account with them. 

via Photovisi  

You can upload photos from your computer, change the backgrounds, choose shapes, crop, rotate, and move photos among other options.  The functions are all very easy to figure out and user friendly. 

via Photovisi

When you're done, click the finish button.  The web app then gives you the option to share (via facebook, twitter, or email- not embed), or you can say no thank you and just download the finished product.