Photo Collage Maker

On the search for a classroom appropriate photo collage maker, I found Photovisi.com.  There are quite a few free collage/mosaic templates that you can use without creating an account.  The locked templates only require you to create a free account with them. 

via Photovisi  

You can upload photos from your computer, change the backgrounds, choose shapes, crop, rotate, and move photos among other options.  The functions are all very easy to figure out and user friendly. 

via Photovisi

When you're done, click the finish button.  The web app then gives you the option to share (via facebook, twitter, or email- not embed), or you can say no thank you and just download the finished product. 

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  1. Hey Katie,

    I just tried this out and this would have been so helpful for my collage for Suffern's class! It took me nearly 3 hrs to do what it took this website to do in 10 seconds!