280 Slides

Looking for free presentation or slideshow creation software to use in your classroom?  280slides.com offers a very clean and simple web application for creating and sharing slideshows.  Powerpoint users will notice the similarities although 280 Slides is a much simpler version made for web use.  Simplicity is usually an advantage when we are talking about classroom use.

Unfortunately, you do need to create an account to save and embed slideshows.  The good news is that it is very easy to create an account.  Enter an email and password and you are done! No verification emails or additional information is needed.

I've created 2 tutorials on how to use 280 Slides and embed them into your blog and also attached an example presentation.

Part 1:

Part 2:



  1. Great job Katie--so can we use your tutorials:)
    What are you using to create your own youtube video?
    I will go play with 280slide today! It might be a better option for a class that doesn't have MS Office, seemed easier than GoogleDocs.

    Does it "animate"...

  2. Sadly, there are no animations or transitions. It's a fairly basic web app.. which has it's positives and negatives.

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